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 Miguel Cantilo y Grupo Sur - "Miguel Cantilo y Grupo Sur" (1975)

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帖子主题: Miguel Cantilo y Grupo Sur - "Miguel Cantilo y Grupo Sur" (1975)   周三 四月 25, 2012 10:53 am

Genre: Hard Rock, Folk Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Label: Viajero Inmovil Records 2004
Quality: Flac
Recording Date: 1975

Argentinean Miguel Cantilo joined a hippie commune in the fall of 1972. There he wrote many songs together with Kubero Diaz (La Cofradia de la Flor Solar), incredible hard- psychedelia and a slight folk flavour at times. This is an absolute must for any psychedelic rock fan with overwhelming dual guitar, and no doubt it's one of the best Argentinian records of the 70's. This is its first vinyl reissue ever and the sound has been taken from original Mastertapes resulting a much better sound than the original!!! It's limited to 500 copies and comes with the gorgeous original gatefold cover.

Miguel Cantilo - vocals, acoustic guitar
Willy Pedemonte - electric guitar
Alejandro Marassi - bass, vocals
Diego Villanueva - drums, tablas, vocals
Jorge Pinchevsky - violin
Harotium - kemancha
Gaston Cubillas - sax
Isa Portugueis – tables

01. Sur Alabanzaz 5.17
02. Naturangel 5.45
03. Musi 3.01
04. Demian 3.14
05. Una Manera De Llegar 3.35
06. La Leyenda Del Retorno 5.46
07. Algo Esta Por Suceder 4.52
08. Las Imagenes Qu Ves Entre Las Nubes 4.02

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Miguel Cantilo y Grupo Sur - "Miguel Cantilo y Grupo Sur" (1975)

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