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 Shadrack Chameleon - Shadrack Chameleon 1973

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帖子主题: Shadrack Chameleon - Shadrack Chameleon 1973   周三 四月 25, 2012 10:48 am

Genre: Psychedelic
Label: Gear Fab Records 1998
Quality: Flac
Recording Date: 1973

For an album created by a revolving group of friends from three separate bands, "Shadrack Chameleon" is quite a cohesive surprise. "Steve Fox" is the only constant on each of the six songs on the album, and, in a way, could be considered "Shadrack Chameleon" since his guitar, bass guitar, songwriting, and vocal talents come to the forefront.
"Shadrack Chameleon" was not so much a band as it was a collective of musicians from a couple popular late-'60s Iowa Rock bands.
"Steve Fox" and "Randy Berka" were close friends growing up in Fort Dodge, Iowa in the early '60s where they were inspired to pick up guitars after hearing "The Beatles".
"Steve Fox"' family moved to Illinois in 1964 but returned three years later to Humboldt, near Fort Dodge. By this time, "Randy Berka" had started a band with organist "Jon Porter", drummer "Tom Northup", and guitarist "John Callahan", which evolved into "Lazy River".
With "Ardie Strutzenberg" taking over drum chores from "Tom Northup" and with the addition of "Mark Flanagan" on bass, "Lazy River" became a popular band, playing gigs throughout the region.
"Steve Fox" started his own band, "Crosstown Traffic", with mates "Dan Dodgen" (drums), "John Brandsgard" (guitar) and "Doug Sandvig" (bass guitar).
By the outset of the '70s, internal conflicts ran high in both bands, and "John Callahan", "Ardie Strutzenberg", and "Mark Flanagan" formed Goo, taking "John Brandsgard" with them.
"Randy Berka" and "Jon Porter" asked "Steve Fox" to join them, and Shadrack was born.
Excerpt of interview with "Ardie Strutzenberg" from Lysergia site: "Let me start by saying "Shadrack WAS Steve Fox". He formed, wrote, sang, played, financed, produced, booked, recorded, engineered (get the picture?) that whole thing. I was Steve's close friend and drummer for the group "Lazy River". For the Shadrack LP I was a hired gun to play on a coupla tracks that Steve wrote".

Steve Fox - guitars,bass,vocals
Randy Berka - guitar(1,2,3,4,7),vocals(4)
Jon Porter - organ(1,2,4,7)
Dan Dodgen - drums(1,2,4,5,6,7)
Artie Strutzenberg - drums(2,Cool
John Brandsgard - guitar(5,6),piano(5)

1.I wonder Why
2.It Was Me
3.Chameleon(ILove You)
4.Long Road To Ole`Miss
5.Granite Feast
6.That`s The way It`s Gotta Be
7.Don`t Let It Get you Down
8.Beyond Eternity

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Shadrack Chameleon - Shadrack Chameleon 1973

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