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 Yumiko Tanaka, Ivar Grydeland - Continental Crust

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帖子主题: Yumiko Tanaka, Ivar Grydeland - Continental Crust   周二 五月 29, 2012 7:37 am

Yumiko Tanaka, Ivar Grydeland
Continental Crust
Free Improvisation, Avantgarde
Sofa 2005

This music was composed and recorded at the venue Bridge in Osaka on
April 17th 2004. Bridge is located high above the ground in the middle
of the amusement park called Festival Gate - right between slot machines
and the big roller coaster. I don't think Festival Gate is Osaka's hot
spot, the park is nearly empty, but Bridge is a nice and spacious venue.
With relatively small acoustic instruments we tried to fill Bridge with
sound and music that we find interesting. Meanwhile, we could see the
roller coaster passing by every now and then - we could also hear it,
and feel it. The whole building would shake each time it passed by, like
a small earthquake. Maybe this wasn't the perfect recording situation,
but listening to the music now I feel it gained an identity of it's own.
The music on this CD somehow made me think of plate tectonics. By Ivar
Grydeland, Oslo, November 2004

Acoustic Guitar, Recorded By, Music By – Ivar Grydeland
Shamisen [Futozao], Performer [Taisho-goto], Voice, Music By – Yumiko Tanaka 田中由美子

1. Downgoing Slab (2:59)
2. Semi Rigid Lower Mantle (9:09)
3. Young Oceanic Crust (12:00)
4. Eurasian Plate (from 7 Different Views) (12:22)
5. Mid-Atlantic Ridge (10:54)
6. (4:58)
Recorded by Ivar Grydeland at Bridge, Osaka, April 18, 2004

Download: Lossless / FLAC
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Yumiko Tanaka, Ivar Grydeland - Continental Crust

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