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 Bill Dixon - Vade Mecum

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帖子主题: Bill Dixon - Vade Mecum   周二 五月 29, 2012 7:32 am

Bill Dixon
Vade Mecum
Free Jazz
Soul Note 1994

The first of two volumes released from this session, Vade Mecum features
this remarkably nimble and creative quartet under the direction of Bill
Dixon. Not quite free improvisation, Dixon's compositions provide loose
frameworks for the musicians, creating subtle structural spaces for the
to investigate. In this sense, his work is akin to (and perhaps an
updating of) Cecil Taylor's classic Conquistador!, on which Dixon
participated. The expansiveness and airiness of the sound here is one of
this record's most striking qualities. The two bassists, Guy and
Parker, have very different but complimentary personae; the former fleet
and inquisitive, the latter dark and probing. With the two of them
occupying the middle ground, underpinned by Oxley's uniquely coloristic
percussion, Dixon's flights have all the naturalness and
unpredictability of a bird's. Vade Mecum II, released separately,
arguably attains even greater heights than this recording, but both are
vital documents representing the state of improvised music in the '90s.
by Brian Olewnick AMG

Double Bass – Barry Guy, William Parker
Percussion – Tony Oxley
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Composed By, Artwork By [Cover Paintings], Other [Liner Notes] – Bill Dixon

1 Moment 4:24
2 Anamorphosis 12:29
3 Viale Nino Bixio 20 9:17
4 Pellucity 9:04
5 Vade Mecum 15:52
6 Twice Upon A Time 13:12
7 Acanthus 13:25
Recorded on August 2, 3 and 4 1993 at Mu Rec Studio, Milano and Mastered at PhonoComp, Tribiano, Milano.

Download: Lossless / FLAC
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Bill Dixon - Vade Mecum

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