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 Hamid Drake / Joe McPhee ‎– Emancipation Proclamation

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帖子主题: Hamid Drake / Joe McPhee ‎– Emancipation Proclamation   周五 五月 25, 2012 9:33 am

Joe McPhee, Hamid Drake
Emancipation Proclamation: A Real Statement of Freedom
Free Improvisation
Okka disk 2000

Recorded at the dawn of the new millennium, Emancipation Proclamation: A Real Statement of Freedom is one of those avant jazz
duet dates that puts everything else in perspective by revealing at its
heart that anything is possible when conditions are right. There are
five tracks here, three of them over ten minutes, and the opener, "Cries
and Whispers," is nearly 20; the entire set was recorded live. Drake is
not only the anchor here, but the inspiration, with his percussive
encyclopedias of the history of African music rolled into brilliant,
small statements that call McPhee to answer them from the new world on
his saxophone and later on his trumpet. "Cries and Whispers" calls out
of emptiness for context and creates willfully from a cultural center.
And the manner in which it is done is auspicious: Intensity is not
relied on to cover anything; the pace is gradual; ideas appear and are
considered, articulated, and laid down as a platform for others to rise
up and take their place. All the while, the various voices in this
articulation debate one another as well as converse; they don't take
anything for granted in the ethereal center of space that is created by
the absence of other instruments. "Mother Africa (For Miriam Makeba)" is
another example where Drake reflectively places a small, shimmering
textural platform on the playing ground to be added to. McPhee, who is a
consummate master at creating something from nothing, imbues his entire
approach to Drake's offering with emotion rather than academic
linguistics. As the piece builds, harmonic architectures of density and
space are interwoven before being separated again as new and different
structures where tonal coloration and dynamic force are merely elemental
threads of creation rather than ends in themselves. This was a
brilliant gig, and just how brilliant is evidenced by the energy and
grace of this recording. ~Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

Joe McPhee - pocket trumpet, tenor saxophone
Hamid Drake - drums, percussion

01 - Cries and Whispers (Drake, McPhee) 18:37
02 - Mother Africa (For Miriam Makeba) (Drake, McPhee) 17:10
03 - God Bless the Child (Herzog, Holiday) 04:17
04 - Emancipation Proclamation (Drake, McPhee) 14:30
05 - Hate Crime Cries (Drake, McPhee) 03:13
Recorded at The Empty Bottle, Chicago, June, 25 1999

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Hamid Drake / Joe McPhee ‎– Emancipation Proclamation

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