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 Julius Hemphill 2CD

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Julius Hemphill
Five Chord Stud
Free Jazz
Black Saint 1993

Although altoist Julius Hemphill gets top billing on this CD, his heart
surgery in 1993 forced him to stop playing. However, this saxophone
***tet was his regular group; he contributed six of the eight
compositions (the other two are free improvisations) and the
chancetaking heard throughout this adventurous music definitely makes
most of the performances sound like they came from a Julius Hemphill
recording even if his alto is missed. The ***tet has a very strong
lineup (altoists Tim Berne, Marty Ehrlich and Sam Furnace, tenors James
Carter and Andrew White and baritonist Fred Ho) and the resulting CD
contains more than its share of variety. The music ranges from the
soulful "Spiritual Chairs" and a boppish "Band Theme" to introspective
ballads and wild passionate interplay. Other than Fred Ho (who is not
heard from enough), each of the players has their chance to star. The
generally fascinating music rewards repeated listenings but one has to
have an open mind before putting it on. by Scott Yanow AMG

Tim Berne, alto saxophone
James Carter, tenor saxophone
Marty Ehrlich, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Sam Furnace, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Julius Hemphill, conductor
Fred Houn, baritone saxophone
Andrew White, tenor saxophone

1 Band Theme
2 Mr. Critical
3 Shorty
4 Mirrors
5 Five Chord Stud
6 The Moat And The Bridge
7 Georgia Blue
8 Flush
9 Spiritual Chairs

Julius Hemphill ***tet
Fat Man And The Hard Blues
Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz
Black Saint 1991

Alto Saxophone, Producer, Composed By – Julius Hemphill
Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Carl Grubbs
Baritone Saxophone, Flute – Sam Furnace
Soprano Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Flute – Marty Ehrlich
Tenor Saxophone – Andrew White, James Carter

1 Otis' Groove 3:00
2 Lenny 2:33
3 Floppy 2:50
4 Opening 4:07
5 Headlines 2:59
6 Four Saints 2:45
7 Fat Man 5:16
8 Glide 4:32
9 Tendrils 6:18
10 Anchorman 4:41
11 Untitled 5:10
12 Three-Step 2:00
13 The Answer 2:18
14 The Hard Blues 6:40
Recorded July 15th and 16th, 1991. Mixed July 19th and 20th, 1991 at
Sear Sound, New York City. Mastered at PhonoComp, Tribiano - Milano.

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Julius Hemphill 2CD

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