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 Gerogerigegege 5 CD

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帖子主题: Gerogerigegege 5 CD   周五 五月 25, 2012 9:28 am

山之内純太郎 Yamanouchi Juntaro

One of the twisted giants of Japan's noise scene, Juntaro Yamanouchi's
Gerogerigegege has been working out his particular obsessions with a
flood of releases since his debut in 1985. In Japanese, Gerogerigegege
is onomatopoeia for simultaneously vomiting and expelling diarrhea, and
the sound of Yamanouchi's work often sounds like this played on
instruments or as if it's meant to induce such behavior in the
unprepared listener. Gerogerigegege's releases usually fall into two
categories: noise and senzuri. Noise work is relying on feedback,
processing, and distortion, sometimes using pop culture as a source,
sometimes not. Senzuri work is pieces that include the sounds of a man
masturbating -- all exaggerated moans and groans that last interminably.
Even stranger, Yamanouchi has been able to reproduce both styles live,
with the latter using Gero-30, a man who loves to masturbate in front of
people -- leading to some notorious concerts in the Japanese
underground scene. It's also one of the reasons his work has made it to
the West -- it's everything one could hope for in a Japanese noise band,
something so strange and transgressive that it demands attention. There
are many Gerogerigegege recordings, but many had small print runs. One
of his earliest releases was "Shaking Box Music
(You Are Noisemaker)" from 1985, but this was more a Fluxus-style joke:
100 blank cassettes in a steel box. He soon after became serious and in
1987 released the scarce Senzuri Champion, tracks of masturbation and
noise. There is a direct attack on pop music in the next EP, ***ual
Behavior in the Human Male, which mixes rock styles, *** manual samples,
and much noise. The zenith of his noise style was reached in 1990s
Tokyo Anal Dynamite, one of the classics of the noise genre; it's 40
harrowing minutes of punk music gone very wrong, with 75 tracks of
unbelievable noise that are exhilarating and very funny. Throughout the
'90s Yamanouchi produced singles and albums every year, as well as
releasing live and archival material through foreign labels or his own,
Vis-A-Vis Audio Arts. Masturbation continued to be a theme, just as his
cover art became more and more pronounced in its homo***ual nature. The
Singles 1985-1993 album may be the best place to start for the
uninitiated. by Ted Mills AMG

Saturday Night Big Cock Salaryman
Full Volume Agency 2001

Guitar [Noise] – Shobu Saitoh
Voice, Noises [Breath & Lip Noise] – Juntaro Yamanouchi

Recorded at VIVA SUMMER STUDIO Hamadayama 14th April 2001
Mixed at VIVA SUMMER STUDIO Yokohama 15th April 2001
Mastered at MAGAIBUTSU STUDIO KOHENJI 28th June 2001

French Radio Tape (19) edited by Juntaro Yamanouchi and Shobu Saitoh.

THE GEROGERIGEGEGE wishes to thank
Yuusaku Hanakuma, Kuroiwa-san(dacapo/マカジンハウス) Hiroaki "amiba@" Sueki,
Julien Farenc (Campus Radio), Napoli Takiya(STUDIO IOLIGHT), Fuyuhiko
Saitoh Dave Ramage from Psychomania Records(R.I.P), Jon Bates
Sergey(Forever!) Nick, Hiroshi Itsuki(Our God!)
Yamaguchi-san(SHANGRI-LA STUDIO), Tatsuya Yoshida(MAGAIBUTSU STUDIO) and
Great Director Akiyama-san (TBS)

Fanatical sound for fanatics.

Tokyo Anal Dynamite
Noise, Punk
Vis A Vis Audio Arts 1990

Performer [Noise Bass] – Juntaro Yamanouchi
Vocals, Drums – 死にました

Recorded 27th October 1987, possibly at the live venue Jam, located in Shinjuku.
Bears the subtitle of 「パンクの鬼」 or "Punk no Oni".
Tracks 68, 71 and 73 are 'sound checks'.
Tracks 53, 54 are marked as 'reprise' (of 1, 2)

Mort Douce Live
Experimental, Noise
Sound Factory 1996

Sounds, Voice, Noises – Juntaro Yamanouchi
Bass Guitar – Juntaro Yamanouchi
Drums – Toshinori Fukuda
Guitar – Hironao Komaki (Dee Dee Gero)

1 Meshi Kuwasero 6:39
2.1 A Mountaineer ***ual 8:05
2.2 Anal Beethoven 7:00
3 Summer Of Frigidity Woman 22:32

Live Greatest Hits
Experimental, Noise
Vis A Vis Audio Arts 1991

Instruments, Vocals [Voice], Performer [Erectric Cord], Performer [Toy Instruments] – Juntaro Yamanouchi
Performer [Whip, Vibrator, Hand, Enema], Vocals [Voice] – T.Y
Vocals [Voice], Performer [Ejeculate] – Gero 36

1 1991年3月2日 川崎クラブチッタ 19:20
2 1990年4月4日 ギグホール 19:10
3 1987年1月17日 半蔵門マンション201号 15:59

Hotel Ultra
Noise, Experimental
Kubitsuri Tapes 1994

Saxophone – Takeshi Ohmura
Sounds [Audio Tapes, Record], Turntables [Record-player], Electronics – Juntaro Yamanouchi
Sounds [Taiwan Radio Tape] – Jujui Wang

1 Original Hotel Ultra 14:07
2 Gay Hotel Ultra 19:40

Download: Lossless / FLAC
Saturday Night Big Cock Salaryman

Tokyo Anal Dynamite

Mort Douce Live

Live Greatest Hits

Hotel Ultra
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Gerogerigegege 5 CD

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