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 Peter Brotzmann / Fred Van Hove / Han Bennink - FMP 130

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帖子主题: Peter Brotzmann / Fred Van Hove / Han Bennink - FMP 130   周五 五月 25, 2012 4:43 am

Peter Brotzmann / Fred Van Hove / Han Bennink
FMP 130
Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
FMP 2003

Originally, this 1973 recording was released without a title;
Atavistic's 30th anniversary reissue is titled FMP 130, after the
original album's catalog number, which is how most fans refer to it.
Unlike most albums including this trio of players (reedsman Peter
Brötzmann, pianist Fred Van Hove, and percussionist Han Bennink), which
usually feature two side-long group improvisations, FMP 130 consists of
ten concise pieces, each one credited to a single composer. This makes
the pieces more focused, while still retaining the fearless
improvisational spirit that powers their other work. Brötzmann's
overdubbed "Konzert Fur 2 Klarinetten" is one of his most squealing,
cacophonous works ever; parts of it sound like the amplified screech of
nails on a blackboard. Other tracks, such as Van Hove's "Wir Haben Uns
Folgerdes Uberlegt" (which features an otherworldly sound akin to Tuvan
throat singing, apparently coming from Brötzmann, though it's nearly
impossible to tell if this is a vocal or instrumental sound) are more
sedate. "Number 6," for example, consists of largely unaccompanied solo
lines from each of the three players, that fade in and out in a
drifting, eddying sound that includes passages of near-silence,
resulting in a genuinely contemplative mood. Because of this varied
dynamic and the brief, accessible song lengths, FMP 130 is an excellent
introduction to this circle of composer/performers for the cautious
neophyte. by Stewart Mason AMG

Drums – Han Bennink
Piano, Celesta – Fred Van Hove
Saxophone, Clarinet, Design [Cover] – Peter Brotzmann

1 For Donaueschingen Ever 3:44
2 Konzert Fur 2 Klarinetten 4:10
3 Nr. 7 3:24
4 Wir Haben Uns Folgendes Uberlegt 2:55
5 Paukenhandschen Im Blaubeerenwald 5:45
6 Nr. 9 1:39
7 Gere Bij 5:28
8 Nr. 4 4:48
9 Nr. 6 5:36
10 Donaueschingen For Ever 2:30
Recorded 25th of February 1973/Bremen.

Download: Lossless / FLAC
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Peter Brotzmann / Fred Van Hove / Han Bennink - FMP 130

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