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 Irene Schweizer / Han Bennink - Irene Schweizer & Han Bennink

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帖子主题: Irene Schweizer / Han Bennink - Irene Schweizer & Han Bennink   周四 五月 24, 2012 9:17 am

Irene Schweizer / Han Bennink
Irene Schweizer & Han Bennink
Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation
Intakt Records 1996

This is a recording that finds Han the Man of the dynamite drums
"behaving himself," as he is fond of saying. He only behaves himself if
he finds the situation really warrants it, such as in the case of a
pianist playing some really straightforward, honest, and no-jive music.
Jazz piano is often a realm of posers and fakers, whether they are
flopping their hands around in an attempt to sound like Cecil Taylor or
stringing along pentatonic scales with Herbie Hancock on their mind. The
Swiss Miss Schweizer has absolutely developed her own style, going in
the course of her career into piano-pounding and string-scraping
free-form improvisation but by the time of this recording pursuing a
slightly more mellow, aged-in-the-bottle elegance. Despite his
reputation for disruption, Bennink is probably the best drummer possible
for music such as this, as he provides swing without clutter and power
without any loss of control. With recording pro Peter Pfister aiming the
microphones, the sound is sure to be pristine, and doubling that
pleasure is the fact that this is a live recording, meaning tougher and
more durable than a studio session. The program balances improvised
pieces with original tunes, then a touch of drum soloing, then a pair of
happy standards to bring down the curtain. by Eugene Chadbourne AMG

Drums – Han Bennink
Piano – Irene Schweizer

1 Gnash 7:54
2 Verzweigelt 5:46
3 Eine Andere Partie Tischtennis 10:16
4 Stroef 4:44
5 Just You, Just Me 3:44
6 Zunderobst 10:54
7 Just A Gigolo (For Edith!) 3:36
8 Donnerwetter 10:32
9 Hackensack 4:27
recorded on 5 & 6 January 1995 live at Jazzclub Moods, Zürich, Switzerland

Download: Lossless / FLAC
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Irene Schweizer / Han Bennink - Irene Schweizer & Han Bennink

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