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 Freddy Cole - Music Maestro Please

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帖子主题: Freddy Cole - Music Maestro Please   周四 五月 24, 2012 9:05 am

Freddy Cole
Music Maestro Please
Post Bop, Vocal Jazz
High Note Records 2002

"How's it going? Let's talk some. That's the kind of atmosphere Freddy
Cole sings. He's casual, chatty and comforting, like a good old friend. A
bit more gravel in his voice these days only adds to the warmth of his
style. In a choice set of selections from the Great American Songbook
there are some particular standouts. "Music Maestro Please serves as a
last-call-for-alcohol moment perfectly suited to Cole's particular
swinging ever so gentle buddy-to-buddy style. When he drifts into a
conversational coda to the song with "I'm trying to make it on home,
bring me a double, you can feel the weight of those late hour blues.

A nostalgic old beauty like "Once in a While is catnip for Cole. With a
beautiful lead-in by Bill Charlap at the piano, who's superb as usual,
it's a masterful demonstration of using a modest vocal range to maximum
effect. And with "You Leave Me Breathless Cole does just that, bringing
it home ever so subtly. He's solid, swinging and totally engaging. Here
and throughout the blending of Cole's distinctive voice with Charlap's
ace trio evolve into one neatly satisfying unity. By ANDREW VELEZ

Freddy Cole: vocals
Bill Charlap: piano
Peter Washington: bass
Kenny Washington: drums.

1 I'll Never Be the Same
2 My Ideal; Medley
3 Don't Take Your Love From Me/I Never Had a Chance; Music
4 Maestro Please!
5 If I Love Again
6 Why Did I Choose You?
7 Once In a While
8 You Leave Me Breathless
9 There Are Such Things
10 You Could Hear a Pin Drop
11 How Do You Say Auf Wiedersehn?.

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Freddy Cole - Music Maestro Please

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