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 Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio ‎– Other Valentines

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帖子主题: Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio ‎– Other Valentines   周四 五月 24, 2012 9:03 am

Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio
Other Valentines
Modern Jazz
Atavistic 2005

Cellists are few and far between in the jazz
world, which is just one reason Fred Lonberg-Holm is special. His
approach to the instrument is decidedly non-classical, reaping as it
does all sorts of alternative tonal colors that would be deemed
"incorrect," which makes it ideal for the sort of in-and-out
improvisation that he favors. Lonberg-Holm has called Chicago home since
the late '90s, and in the last few years he's built up important
relationships with several local players, including Ken Vandermark; he's
also a member of Peter Brötzmann's sprawling talent-rich Tentet.

Other Valentines is a sequel of sorts to Lonberg-Holm's previous trio
record, A Valentine for Fred Katz (Atavistic, 2002), but its sources of
inspiration are wider-ranging, as judged by the composers of these ten
medium-length tracks, which include Sun Ra, Jeff Tweedy, Syd Barrett,
and Gil Scott-Heron. (The aforementioned Fred Katz pops his head up
again at the end, and Lonberg-Holm includes a couple of his own pieces
along the way.) Bassist Jason Roebke returns from the earlier recording,
and drummer Frank Rosaly ably replaces Glenn Kotche.

Melody comes first in this music, and Lonberg-Holm makes his instrument
truly sing on "Winter in America," which he turns into a warm,
expressive torch song atop minimal rhythm section accomp***nt. Swing
is sometimes important, too, as evidenced by the opening Sun Ra tune,
which has a light, catchy, finger-snapping groove. But when the cellist
travels the outer spaceways, so to speak, he adds a layer or two of
tension and release that defy easy comprehension. This is involving
music, though it may appear deceptively simple at times, and it presents
many opportunities where raw intuition serves as a better roadmap than
the usual sort of pattern recognition.

To the extent these pieces can be classified, each is a song of some
sort with its own mood and message, which reflects the spirit of romance
implied in the album's title. And the singer, in almost all cases, is
Fred Lonberg-Holm, who manages to imprint each piece with a distinctive
aura. Elegant, creative, and at times minimalistic, this recording
doesn't scream for attention, but it rewards it on many levels. By NILS

Bass – Jason Roebke
Cello – Fred Lonberg-Holm
Drums – Frank Rosaly

1 East Of Uz
2 Fool
3 Arnold Layne
4 Almost Mid-Day
5 Vals Pa Vingar
6 Flo
7 Winter In America
8 Jesus Etc
9 I Got Nothing
10 To My Buddy, Buddy

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Fred Lonberg-Holm Trio ‎– Other Valentines

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