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 Nods Off - Live at Tellus

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帖子主题: Nods Off - Live at Tellus   周一 五月 21, 2012 9:23 am

Genre: Avant-garde, Free Jazz
Label: Einnicken Records
Quality: MP3 / 320
Recording Date: 2000
Size: 36,8 MB

This is a 16 minute live CDEP by four Swedish Free Form jazz players. The instruments performed are guitar, bass, drums and alto-tenor sax and voice. The bio describes the band as freejazzavantrock. This pretty much describes it head on. The opening song, "Dadeedah Dadoodah" is quite a chaotic song. "Steel Voice" starts with some sax and slowly the bass and drums move in. The guitar are quite in the background but slowly works its way into the sax sound, which is the dominant instrument as the piece takes off. "Jay Waltzing" is a mellow track with the sax leading the way and fades away as the guitar player does his first soloing along with some intense bass playing and the return of the sax. "Here There Down and Up" is a quick 2Ѕ minute song that ends this EP. Reminds me a bit of GONG this one. Long live Free Jazz... — Scott Heller, Aural Innovations (USA)

"Live recorded experimental acoustic-electric rock with an overt free-jazz influence. Collective improvisations where superimposed solos flow with simultaneous intensity. The instrumental practice occasionally evoking atmospheric passages of jazzistic ascendancy, distances itself from the typical expanded developments of the realm." — Hurly Burly (Spain)

"Nods Off is a Swedish group that reflects the freshness of the new wave of improvisational music. They have for certain not much with computers and other new technique to do, but on the other hand they connect on to half as much to rock as to jazz and they do dare to break atonality and free rhythm for more conventional elements. With saxophones, guitar, bass and drums they break in somewhere in between one for the style "free" and one for the style "conventional" way of playing. They cook, they crack up and rumble around in the bottom, but in the music there is also composed structures that support a melodic beauty. That gives scope and dynamics while at the same time Stefan Wistrand, Daniel Carlsson, Stefan Larsson and Peter Olsen create a collective expression that feels uniform and distinct. A real progressive record." — Johannes Cornell (Dagens Nyheter) Sweden

Stefan Wistrand — Tenor & Alto Sax
Daniel Carlsson — Electric Guitar
Stefan Larsson — Electric Bass, Voice
Peter Olsen — Drums

1 Dadeedah Dadoodah (Larsson, Wistrand) 4:16
2 Steel Voice (Larsson, Wistrand) 4:12
3 Jay Waltzing (Wistrand) 5:19
4 Here, There, Down and Up! (Larsson, Wistrand) 2:30

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Nods Off - Live at Tellus

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