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 Christer Bothén Trio – Trioloz

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帖子主题: Christer Bothén Trio – Trioloz   周一 五月 21, 2012 9:21 am

Genre: Avant-garde, Free improvisation, Free Jazz
Label: Editions Saravah
Quality: MP3 / 320
Recording Date: 2006
Size: 120 MB

Second album on LJ Records by highly acclaimed Bass clarinetist Christer Bothén. He is a unique
personal voice in the Swedish music world. He lived and studied string-music in Mali & Morocco and had
a long collaboration with Don Cherry, with whom he toured Europe & US.
Now Christer Bothén gathered two of Sweden’s most innovative musicians: David Stackenäs on Guitars
and Peter Söderberg on Theorb, Lute and Guitar to play together with him and his Bass Clarinet, African
lute and harplutes.
This trio is playing different combinations of String instruments, and with Strings & Bass Clarinet this
album also contains three Bass Clarinet solos. It is uncompromising and challenging music and trying to
find references to other trio music seems in this case meaningless. This is improvised music, in an austere,
constantly changing landscape. No maps. Of course there are big rivers, big streams of traditions under
the su***ce: Jimmy Giuffre and Free Fall, or Webern, or Spahlinger, but the music is unique in its frenzy
quietness and concentrated form. There is no real screaming or roaring about here. Instead the small
sounds open up and reveal their inner construction and richness.
The trio uses a variety of instruments from different times and places. But the way the musicians are
handling them produces an art, involving both feelings and intellect, with no room for exotism or
nostalgia. This trio opens the doors to the mystery of music, constantly putting itself into question by
asking: what is this thing called music? In this zone of improvisation, captured on this CD, you will find
areas of rare beauty, that will make you come back, for more and deeper listening.
The album is composed in a symmetric triangular form or like a triptych painting with a center section
and one section on each side.
First section: string instruments & bass clarinet. trio – solo — trio.
Middle section: string instruments. trio – trio – trio — trio
Last section: bass clarinet & string instruments solo – trio – solo

Christer Bothén: Bass Clarinet, Doso n´Goni,Kamale n´Goni, Guimbri.
David Stackenäs: Guitars & low budget electronics
Peter Söderberg: Teorb, lute, guitar & low budget electronics

1. For Alberto G. 5’33
2. For Elis E. 4’35
3. For Henri M. 4’34
4. For Thomas B. 11’29
5. For Mark R. 3’39
6. For Paul A. 5’04
7. For Sture D. 5’11
8. For Antoni T. 3’55
9. For Joseph B. 4’36
10. For Samuel B. 2’13

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Christer Bothén Trio – Trioloz

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