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 John Lindberg – Two By Five

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帖子主题: John Lindberg – Two By Five   周一 五月 21, 2012 9:20 am

Genre: Avant-garde, Free improvisation, Free Jazz
Label: Between The Lines
Quality: MP3 / 320
Recording Date: 2001
Size: 143 MB

by Steve Loewy

This is the first recording of bassist John Lindberg's works for string quintet, and it is a splendid collection by any standard. The first piece, "The Arrival," which incorporates tracks one through three, was written in 1986, and is a musical description of the birth of his son. The second composition, "Basement of Desires," includes tracks four through seven, and was written for this recording 15 years later. While most of the music is composed, there are ample opportunities for individual interpretation and expression, and Lindberg improvises magnificently on "Basement of Desires," which is a showcase for his abilities. This is beautiful music at heart; while the bassist is best known for his considerable work as a sideman with Anthony Braxton and as a member of the String Trio of New York, as well as with his own small groups, he is an accomplished modern composer with classical music influences, and these difficult works for strings are among his best. Both of the compositions are largely melodic, though they each contain so-called avant-garde elements. "Basement" shifts direction in its greater emphasis on individual expression, but the bold contrapuntal lines, counterpoint, and strong rhythmic force of "Arrival" powerfully reflect Lindberg's vision. The quintet performs the difficult parts with considerable precision and clarity.

John Lindberg (bass);
Gabriel Bolkosky (violin);
Rebecca Ansel (violin);
Wendy Richman (viola);
Miriam Bolkosky (cello)

1 I. Caught 8:39
2 II. Suspend 12:28
3 III. Land 6:50
Basement Of Desires
4 I. 4:24
5 II. 8:27
6 III. 12:03
7 IV. 9:29

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John Lindberg – Two By Five

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