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 Lars-Erik Norrstrom Trio - Poetic Licence

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帖子主题: Lars-Erik Norrstrom Trio - Poetic Licence   周三 五月 09, 2012 5:46 am

Genre: Avant-garde, Free Improvisation, Contemporary Jazz, Free Jazz
Label: LJ Records
Quality: MP3 / 320 K
Recording Date: 2007
Size: 115 MB

The music on this fourth album released by the trio emanates from a symbiosis of Norrströms compositions and the free improvisations by the trio. It is marked by an intense, energetic and dynamic ensemble playing, with a great sense for nuances and for rapidly changing musical sceneries.

Lars-Erik Norrström is since 20 years a pianist and composer on professional basis.He has
given performances as a member of different groups as well as solo recitals on jazz stages
and jazz festivals in Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe and South-Africa. Lars-Erik has received
judgements like ”A blinding piano soloist”, ”Norrström is a brilliant composer”, and ”LarsErik Norrström impersonates the compromiseless artist”. Earlier works by Lars-Erik Norrström are released on albums,commended by the critics,with the groups ”Kejsaren”, ”ARP”,
”Corpo” and on his solo album ”Let’s take another dream”.
DrummerTerje Sundby lives in Gothenburg, Sweden, working as a musician, composer, and
teacher.He is an associate professor at the Conservatory of Ingesund as well asthe ”rhythmic”
Conservatory of Ålborg , Denmark.Terje is represented with compositions and arrangements of his own on four CD-albums with the Swedish group ”Corpo”. He has since the
age of 17 been performing in Scandinavia, Europe, and South-Africa playing with many
different groups and jazz artists such as Palle Danielsson, Anders Jormin, Joakim Milder,
Thomas Stanko, Lennart Åberg, Anders Bergcrantz, Lina Nyberg, Jim Beard.
Electric Bass player Owe Almgren got his education at the Conservatory of Gothenburg
where he graduated in 1994. He has since then been active as a freelance R&B & HipHop
musician, composer, teacher and arranger. Owe has arranged music for "Bohuslän Big Band",
as well as for the swedish singer Claes Jansson, he has played with Jojje Wadenius, "TG Evil
Orchestra" and the duo "Bastu" together with Yasuhito Mori, Jim Beard, to mention a few.
He is also currently working in a duo with singer Karin Burman.

OWE ALMGREN electric bass
TERJE SUNDBY, drums, perc

01 — Rain [6'53]
02 — August [3'51]
03 — Poetic Licence [5'34]
04 — Clouds [4'50]
05 — I Hear Me [3'00]
06 — Misty Cliffs [3'14]
07 — In The Studio [4'10]
08 — Maric [3'25]
09 — Let's Take another Dream [2'53]
10 — Oh My Life [5'10]
11 — Bass song [3'13]
Recorded at Studio Bohus, Kungälv, Sweden, 2006 by AKE LINTON
all compositions & arrangements by LARS-ERIK NORRSTRÖM, except #7
"in the studio" by the trio

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Lars-Erik Norrstrom Trio - Poetic Licence

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