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 William Parker – Testimony

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帖子主题: William Parker – Testimony   周三 五月 09, 2012 5:46 am

Genre: Free Jazz
Label: Zero In
Quality: MP3 / 320 K
Recording Date: 2001
Size: 176 MB

TESTIMONY, recorded live at New York's avant-garde showcase the Knitting Factory, is a 78-minute album of unaccompanied bass solos. Those of you who did not run screaming from the room at that thought probably know that William Parker is one of the best young free-jazz players in the world. Young enough to have been influenced at an early age by Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, and his obvious hero Charles Mingus (Parker is easily the finest jazz bassist to come along since Mingus), Parker never had to learn this music the way that older players did. Instead, he seems to have absorbed free jazz. His playing is astonishingly fluid on these five pieces, whether on the blues-based title track or the absolutely free-lengthy improv "The Second Set," a tour de force of sound for sound's sake that never descends to instrumental grandstanding.

William Parker — Bass

1 Sonic Animation 22:58
2 Testimony (For Bob Guerin) 11:22
3 Light, No. 3 3:51
4 *** (For Charles Clark- 1945-1969 ; for Albert Stinson ...) 15:38
5 The 2nd Set 24:09
Total 78:27
Recorded live at The Knitting Factory, New York, New York.

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William Parker – Testimony

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