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 Ben Goldberg – Twelve Minor

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帖子主题: Ben Goldberg – Twelve Minor   周三 五月 09, 2012 5:41 am

Genre: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
Label: Avant
Quality: MP3 / 320 K
Recording Date: 1998
Size: 126 MB

Eight years after Don Byron's landmark Tuskegee Experiments, it's still not as if the clarinet's *** a comeback. But the once-dominant instrument is far more frequently evident in jazz these days — and not just in Dixieland. Ben Goldberg, the Bay Area composer and bandleader, has long been ahead of that curve. As leader of the New Klezmer Trio, he had the jump on Byron's klezmer project (Plays the Music of Mickey Katz) and on John Zorn's klezmer-inspired supergroup Masada. Somehow, though, Goldberg has never attracted the same kind of notice. Must be an East Coast/West Coast thing because the music on Twelve Minor slams the noggin with delicious complexities. The Middle Eastern/Middle European themes percolate throughout, refined through the (seemingly requisite of late) post-Ornette structural influences, but Goldberg doesn't stop there. He's organized a superb ***tet — drummer Kenny Wollesen, bassist Trevor Dunn, koto improvisor Miya Masoaka, violinist Carla Kihlstedt, and tenor saxophonist Rob Sudduth — that's extremely sensitive to textural tensions. (For examples, check the vigorous precision of Wollesen's brush work or the Eastern traditions and tunings evoked by Masoaka.) These tensions can be resolved or heightened through delicately tuned interplay. As exemplified by the contemplative lilt of "Twine: Harmony," one of eight studies on the album, it's a chemistry that's part old country, part jazz underground, and part Zen garden. — Steve Dollar, JAZZIZ Magazine Copyright © 2000, Milor Entertainment, Inc.

Ben Goldberg (clarinet, bass clarinet, contra-alto clarinet);
Miya Masaoka (koto);
Carla Kihlstedt (violin);
Rob Sudduth (saxophone, tenor saxophone);
Kenny Wollesen (drums)
Trevor Dunn – Bass

1 Statement of Themes on Contra-Alto Clarinet (3:51)
2 The Horizon Exaggerates the Nearness of the Horizon (8:16)
3 Twine-Harmony (7:06)
4 Half Silence (7:53)
5 Only Saved by Poetry (6:43)
6 The Assortment (6:06)
7 Lacuna (7:30)
8 Goodbye Rosario (7:34)
The titles for songs 2-7 are found in The Book of Shares by Edmond Jabes.
Recorded March 1997 at Bay Records, Berkeley, California.

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Ben Goldberg – Twelve Minor

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