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 Screen: Festival Concepts Of Doing 1999

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帖子主题: Screen: Festival Concepts Of Doing 1999   周三 五月 09, 2012 5:40 am

Genre: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
Label: Concepts of doing
Quality: MP3 / 320 K
Recording Date: 2000
Size: 165 MB

Born in Wuppertal, he studied sculpture at the academy of fine arts in Stuttgart and at the same time classical doublebass with Reinald Schwarz, soloist of Stuttgart Philharmonics. Having encountered experimental music in his youth, beside classical playing he soon ventured into free improvisation as well as working with graphic notations in the ensemble of composer Klaus Fessmann, who holds a professorship at Salzburg Mozarteum. After having met Günter Christmann in the early 90s, who became a close friend over the years, a grant offered the possibility to go to London, where he finally was able to explode into a most intense period of sessions, collaborations, concerts and recording sessions, this all with help by John Russell, Chris Burn and John Butcher. Back in Stuttgart he was asked to teach experimental music at the academy of fine arts Stuttgart, which he did for a period of ten years and which led him to extended sound and performance explorations in collaboration with his students. He continued to organize the festival concepts of doing – Interaktion Tanz Musik (1992 – 2003) and, after an intense trip through many european countries meeting dancers for free improvisations and an invitation to the 5th Composers Choreographers Exchange (Southbank Center London), he was co-founding the production center for dance and performance Stuttgart. Being the head of this association for three years and after the festival of concepts of doing 2003, he pushed these structures aside for regaining breath and new freedom and inner engagement in life and arts. At the same time this moment was accompanied by his last days in ensemble zeitkratzer, which he was member of since its beginning in 1997 (performances of famous MMM by and with Lou Reed as well as music by alva noto, Merzbow, Lee Ronaldo, Elliott Sharp, DJ’s a.o.).
2005 saw him establishing himself in a space in Berlin to seek new projects. Since then he has recorded three cds, created the music for the experimental film „Lupinen löschen“ by Sabine Schöbel, which was shown at the Berlinale 2007, and started to work with analog electronics on the acoustic double bass as well as on an electric one, introducing this to his collaborations with dance.

Dorothea Schurch Voice, saw
Urs Leimgruber saxophone
Zeena Parkins harp, electro harp
Alexander Frangenheim doublebass
Otomo Yoshihide turntable, cd player, guitar
Roger Turner percussion
Lauren Newton voice

1 Screen 1 6:34
2 Screen 2 3:35
3 Screen 3 3:26
4 Screen 4 5:17
5 Screen 5 5:34
6 Screen 6 5:23
7 Screen 7 6:51
8 Screen 8 4:47
9 Screen 9 9:11
10 Screen 10 2:06
11 Screen 11 10:47
12 Screen 12 1:14
13 Screen 13 8:20
Recorded on 18 October 1999 at Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg.
Cover photos taken from the video shot during the festival concepts of doing -Interaktion Tanz Musik, 15-17 October at Theaterhaus Stuttgart.

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Screen: Festival Concepts Of Doing 1999

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