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 Derek Bailey - Pat Thomas - Steve Noble – And

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帖子主题: Derek Bailey - Pat Thomas - Steve Noble – And   周三 五月 09, 2012 5:32 am

Genre: Noise, Free Improvisation, Experimental
Label: Rectangle
Quality: MP3 / 320 K
Recording Date: 1997
Size: 97,7 MB

By Dan Warburton
At the age where most men are shuffling around in carpet slippers like the Shakespearean pantaloon, Derek Bailey is phenomenally active: here he is again with his third album for Rectangle. After "Close to the Kitchen" with Noël Akchoté and "Tout for Tea" with Eugene Chadbourne, Bailey teams up here with keyboard whiz Pat Thomas, fresh from a stint with Butch Morris on the London Skyscraper tour, and turntablist (and erstwhile Rip Rig and Panic drummer) Steve Noble-though if you were expecting "Bailey plus hiphop" as a follow up to "Bailey plus jungle" (on the "Guitar Drums'n'Bass" album), you may be in for a surprise. Noble's DJing incorporates snatches of world music, West Coast-style jazz piano, in fact just about anything except breaks'n'beats. Listening to Thomas' fascinating keyboard work (who else in improv has worked with John Zorn and Chuck Berry?), you can hear why Morris handpicked him for his conductions.
Bailey is as lively and creative as ever, though his trademark finesse with harmonics and volume pedals is a little less in evidence, caught up as he is in the whirlwind of fast-moving sound thrown at him by Thomas and Noble. As ever with Rectangle, the hallmark white "home-made" look with grey stenciled lettering and black and white photos (of a Japanese restaurant kitchen??) is as wacky as the music on the album. Class stuff. Follow producer Quentin Rollet's advice: "Play it LOUD."

Guitar [Elec.] – Derek Bailey
Keyboards – Pat Thomas
Turntables – Steve Noble

1 Dedicated To Anybody Who Might Do Us A Favour
2 And This
3 Black, But Only Round The Edges
4 Titular Bull*** Of The Topographical Kind
5 Titles, Titles, Titles...
6 T.T.T. (Part 2)
7 Q. Here
8 Q. Other Side

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Derek Bailey - Pat Thomas - Steve Noble – And

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