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 Ellen Burr - Duos

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帖子主题: Ellen Burr - Duos   周三 五月 09, 2012 5:32 am

Genre: Free Jazz, Free Improvisation
Label: pfMENTUM
Quality: MP3 / 320 K
Recording Date: 2006
Size: 140 MB

[Ellen Burr’s DUOS] is a welcome gem
impressive disc of playful, conversational, graceful,
active,virtuosic partial improv in a traditional vein (focus
on melody, pulse and conventional instrumental
technique) that finds Burr occasionally evoking the
unhinged spirit of Rahsaan Roland Kirk. — Michael Anton Parker, Downtown Music Gallery

Ellen Burr — "Duos"
Written by Flute Focus
Ellen Burr composed the seven works on this disc, but explains in the liner notes that improvisation makes up “at least 50% of all tunes.” Burr is certainly an improvisatory force to be reckoned with. She incorporates a vast repertoire of techniques and sounds into each performance, including significant vocal pyrotechnics, percussive flute sounds, and the gamut of alternative fingerings.

The album is constructed symmetrically, centred around a dense, sixteen-minute flute and percussion duo. Preceding this is a lively duo with clarinet; following it, the eerie combination of alto flute and the percussive tones of a prepared double bass play a pentatonically-flavoured work. On either side of these are tunes for alto flute and bassoon that alternate from mellow and jazzy to rhythmically-driven passages. The album opens and closes with virtuosic duos between Burr’s flute and her own voice that are perhaps the most impressive. This CD is highly recommended for anyone with an interest in contemporary improvised music or unusual woodwind sounds. As an enticing extra for those with a deeper interest, images of several of the graphic scores performed are included in the liner notes.

Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon
Andrew Pask, clarinet
Jeanette Kangas, drums and percussion
Steuart Liebig, prepared bass

1. Ball of Yarn [C flute] 7:23
2. Canon-Cards-Canon I [alto flute, bassoon] 6:59
3. Permutations '62 [C flute, clarinet] 8:52
4. Four Square [C flute, drums & percussion] 16:11
5. Senbazuru [alto flute, prepared bass] 8:49
6. Canon-Cards-Canon II [alto flute, bassoon] 7:04
7. Warp & Weave [C flute] 7:31
Recorded, mixed & mastered at Newzone Studios by Wayne Peet, Los Angeles 2002-05
Ellen Burr plays on a Yamaha C flute and Eva Kingma open-hole alto flute.
Jeanette Kangas plays Paiste cymbals exclusively.

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Ellen Burr - Duos

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