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 Curlew - North America • 1985

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帖子主题: Curlew - North America • 1985   周三 五月 09, 2012 5:27 am

Genre: Fusion, Avantgarde, Free Jazz
Quality: FLAC
Recording Date: 1985 LP
Size: 590 MB

Curlew biography:
Mixing free-jazz, rock and their own quirkiness of compositional style into their music, their avant-garde side, thus blurring the boundaries of their musical components, Curlew, lead by George Cartwright on sax, have been active since 1979 when they formed in NYC and have so far 10 releases to their name. The lineup of the band has changed with the years, and band members have included, among others, Fred Frith and Tom Cora. Most of their output was released through Cuneiform records and this is what this label has to say about them:
"Cartwright's compositions are at once direct and mysterious, possessing a clarity and focus that show both Ellington and Ornette assimilated in a most unique way. Backed by the hard-rocking unit of Chris Parker-electric keyboards and piano, Dean Granros-guitar, Fred Chalenor-bass and Bruce Golden-drums, Curlew somehow manage to combine r'n'b swagger and groove with free jazz and wild soloing into a whole that is immediately identifiable as nothing other than "Curlew"!"

George Cartwright: Saxophone
Tom Cora: Cello
Fred Frith: Bass, Producer
Rick Brown: Drums
J. Pippin Barnett: Drums
Mark Howell: Guitar

01. Ray 04:40
02. Oklahoma 03:48
03. Knee songs 2 02:09
04. Person to person 02:21
05. Time and a half 02:54
06. Mink's dream 03:00
07. Two-day 'till tomorrow 01:19
08. Light sentence 01:05
09. First bite 03:35
10. Moonlake 03:48
11. Shoats 02:09
12. a) Agitar b) The victim 05:15
13. Feelin' good 03:00
14. Hidden track 01:21

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Curlew - North America • 1985

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