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 Pan Sonic / 灰野敬二 - In The Studio

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帖子主题: Pan Sonic / 灰野敬二 - In The Studio   周二 四月 24, 2012 10:33 am

Pan Sonic / 灰野敬二
In The Studio
Abstract, Noise, Minimal
Blast First Petite 2010

Lyrics By – Haino Keiji
Mastered By – Denis Blackham
Music By – Ilpo Vaisanen, Haino Keiji, Mika Vainio

1 So Many Things I Still Have Yet To Say 6:32
2 If I Could Incarnate This Feeling Would You Consider It A Creation 1:15
3 Imperious Doppelganger Of Tears, Playing Catch With Objectivity That Evades Ultimate Responsibility 7:11
4 I Wonder If We Have Become Wiser Than Gods By Making Worse What Already Is 2:32
5 This Trembling, No Longer Seems To Be The Axis At The Centre 4:59
6 As Far As The Left Goes, It Is Starting To Look Red. What About The Right, I Wonder What Colour It Will Be 4:59
7 In The Hollow Created Between The Eyebrows, What Offering Would Be Most Appropriate 7:03
8 "Without Doubt", An Attestation Written From That Time, Will No Longer Have Effect, Because The Wound Has Widened So Much 4:20
9 I Have Embedded It Approximately 2 Minutes And 7 Seconds Into The 4th Song, In Order To Return Here Whenever I Wish 8:56
10 Perhaps There Is No Need To Return 6:51
11 Preparation Is Unnecessary From This Point On…, Leave Me Alone Some Time 6:12
Recorded in Studio Schwedenstrasse, Berlin, 12 & 13 November 2007. Mastered at Skye Mastering.
Special thank you: F.M. Einheit, Alex Hacke.


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Pan Sonic / 灰野敬二 - In The Studio

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